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Christmas Flowers - Photo Courtesy The Rittners School of Floral Design, BostonChristmas means many different things to many different people. For some, it represents the birth of Jesus. For others, it represents peace on earth and goodwill to one another. To others, it represents winter weather and sports, wonderful sales and lots of presents. Regardless of your beliefs, Christmas is celebrated worldwide. Let flowers express your favorite parts of the Christmas season.

I enjoy celebrating with the traditional Christmas colors of red and green. Flowers can be designed and displayed in so many joyous ways in reds and greens. Here are just a few examples, and your local florist has so many more. Visit their shop for expertise and a truly festive experience.

A floral arrangement with berries, vines and evergreen foliage evokes a natural Christmas feeling.  Read More

White Centerpiece —Shirley's Flowers & Gifts, Inc., in Rogers, Ark.Create happiness for yourself and others this holiday season with festive gifts from your neighborhood florist. The bells have been ringing and jingling in our flower shop and I’m excited to show you the top Christmas décor and gift ideas we have been seeing.

My favorite thing to do this year for Christmas décor is hanging floral installations!  In this seating area, we created an armature out of birch branches and hung silver dusted pinecones, icicle ornaments and fresh white calla lilies from it. It’s a perfect way to make a real statement at your next gathering. Read More

Caggiano photo 4_Christmas blogChristmas is fast approaching and if you are like me you are beginning to think of entertaining family, neighbors and friends. The time comes when the tree is up and the house looks great, ready for one guest or twenty, and to make it perfect fresh flowers are the finishing touch. With multiple things going on I like to make my décor a little convertible so that I don’t have to change everything for each gathering.

Picking a theme is usually a good way to start, and color is a huge part of the decision. Red and green is, of course, traditional but for the more contemporary home almost any color story can work. Adding colors that coordinate with your home’s décor can make your decorating sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing. Metallics such as gold, silver, copper or bronze should also be considered and can add a wonderful dimension to whatever your color palette. Read More

Cozy Cabin-Christmas — Leanne and David Kesler, Floral Design Institute, Inc., in Portland, OregonWhat color is your Christmas?  The traditional red and green is no longer a requirement. Today’s Christmas comes in a rainbow of colors.  Discerning decorators want a Christmas palette that reflects their personality.  Think about your Christmas fantasy.  Go ahead, close your eyes and visualize the perfect Christmas day.  Now, pick the palette that reflects your vision.

Is your day filled with family and friends of all ages?  Are you a Christmas purist?  Do you sing Jingle Bells as you dash through the snow?  Have you already stocked up on candy canes and chocolate kisses in bright red foil wrapping?  You may want to stay true to the traditional red and green.

Personalize your Christmas 2015 with natural touches.  Antler sheds, pinecones, lichen covered branches and birch bark look great with the vibrant red of ilex berries and shiny glass cardinals. Read More

The color palettes for Christmas are absolutely gorgeous this year.

Leading the way, the complementary hues of classic red and green with a bit of updated tweaking on the traditional hues. The purest red is paired with a variety of greens that crosses the color wheel from yellow green to blue green. Flowers can be traditional roses and carnations or something a little different and unexpected like orchids, amaryllis and anthurium.


From there, the trending colors can vary according to the age, wealth and geographical region. In the Pacific Northwest, the natural colors of the woodlands are a favorite. For the mature flower lover looking for an elegant and sophisticated look, champagne colors are fabulous. The strongest new influence on Christmas colors for 2014 is the movie, “Frozen.” As with everything else this year, Elsa and Anna have focused the world on the Crystal Sparkle palette. Read More