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Bridal Bouquet Trends

by Carol Caggiano on May 27, 2015 at 8:44 am

Weddings are exciting and filled with oodles of choices and important decisions: the place, the date, attendants, guests, gowns, cakes, flowers, gifts and the honeymoon. Each decision is significant, some easier to make than others. With the numerous options available today, it is almost mind boggling and often difficult to narrow things down and make those very important choices.

Being a florist, I am very tuned in to flowers, of course, and I do think they add so much to any wedding, big or small. There is one selection that is special and so very personal, and that is the bridal bouquet. It’s been many years since I got married but I remember so well that gorgeous bouquet, and when I picked it up and held it for the first time with my beautiful gown I knew this was a day I would never forget. That is the moment I really felt like a bride.

Many factors come in to play when choosing a bridal bouquet: The time of year, time of day, bride’s favorite flowers, colors, size, budget and, most important, her personality. Today we have a global market for flowers and, combined with the talent of your floral designer, almost anything is possible. Flowers follow trends just like everything else, and here are a few bouquets that are great choices for today’s unique bride.

Sometimes it’s the actual floral material that dictates the trend. Succulents have been so popular, a welcomed addition to any floral design, but especially strong in bridal bouquets. They come in a variety of colors and sizes and it’s not difficult to find a pleasing combination. The bouquet pictured incorporates the succulents with purple blooms and a surprise accent of wispy feathers to add color and movement.


Color is also a driver of style and trend. The soft blush tone of the ‘Quicksand’ roses in this cascading bouquet is a favorite with the lime green of the hanging amaranthus setting it off perfectly. The green contrasts nicely with the blush, giving it life and a dramatic quality without losing the softness and romance of the blush color. Making the right color choices is often one of the most important decisions in choosing a bridal bouquet, probably because it is the most visual element. Read More

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5 Fun Party Flowers to Wear

by Ardith Beveridge on May 18, 2015 at 8:25 am

When you think of flowers to wear, you’re probably thinking about flowers in your hair or a corsage or boutonnière. Well, when florists hear flowers to wear, the skies the limit. Earlier this year, a group of florists participated in a “Wearable Flowers Contest” at my wholesale floral house. Here are some of my favorite entries.

Flowers on your necktie and hat make a jovial statement for the best man or an emcee at a fundraiser or other big event.


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7 Tips for Choosing your Bridal Bouquet

by Sharon McGukin on February 18, 2015 at 11:10 am

Bridal-Bouquet-fbWhen planning a wedding, one of your most exciting decisions will be choosing your bridal bouquet. Consider your personal style, body shape and the lines of your dress when choosing your design. Collect photos and magazine or web page images to illustrate design styles and color harmonies you love to share with your florist. This will help them to identify your signature style.

Try these seven tips when selecting your bouquet:

  1. Consider your body shape

Think proportion. Your height should be the first consideration. Share your height measurement with your florist when you discuss the length of your bouquet. Consider your overall body shape. Your physical form should influence the shape and width of your bouquet.

For example, a petite bride could opt for a smaller bouquet that doesn’t overwhelm or hide the dress. Smaller bouquets can be just as impressive as larger ones. Taller brides can accent their height and look very graceful holding a longer, cascading bouquet. A bride with a fuller figure might choose a larger bouquet rich in detail to capture the eye. A long, cascading design will flatter a full figure and lengthen its look by drawing the eye down instead of across the body. Read More

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A Winter Holiday Glam Wedding

by Shelby Shy on December 23, 2014 at 2:54 pm

Weddings aren’t just for the warm season. The latest trend in winter weddings is holiday glam.


A European hand-tied bridal bouquet looks gorgeous with white garden roses, white peonies and white ranunculus. It’s accented with lamb’s ear greenery to give it a soft silvery feel. Bridesmaids carry bouquets of white garden roses with wintergreens such as flat cedar, magnolia and silver brunia.

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Trends for Weddings in 2015

by Jenny Scala on November 28, 2014 at 6:06 am

Are you planning your wedding? When you picture your wedding decor, what colors and styles do you see? Regal and romantic? Refined and formal? Bright and bold? Soft and vintage? Professional florists can customize wedding decorations to reflect your personal style with current trends. Here are four floral trends and styles for weddings and events forecasted for 2015 by floral designers Kristine Kratt, AIFD, and Bill Schaffer, AIFD.

Majestic: The regal and romantic couple will find the Majestic theme, rich in the shades of violet and purple, to be magical and amorous. A polished aesthetic and sheer romantic style that combines the natural brilliance of the luster of gold with orchids, roses and carnations in deep plums, bright violets and lavenders.

Majestic – Photo by IFD

Majestic – Photo by IFD

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