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A Winter Holiday Glam Wedding

by Shelby Shy on December 23, 2014 at 2:54 pm

Weddings aren’t just for the warm season. The latest trend in winter weddings is holiday glam.


A European hand-tied bridal bouquet looks gorgeous with white garden roses, white peonies and white ranunculus. It’s accented with lamb’s ear greenery to give it a soft silvery feel. Bridesmaids carry bouquets of white garden roses with wintergreens such as flat cedar, magnolia and silver brunia.

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Trends for Weddings in 2015

by Jenny Scala on November 28, 2014 at 6:06 am

Are you planning your wedding? When you picture your wedding decor, what colors and styles do you see? Regal and romantic? Refined and formal? Bright and bold? Soft and vintage? Professional florists can customize wedding decorations to reflect your personal style with current trends. Here are four floral trends and styles for weddings and events forecasted for 2015 by floral designers Kristine Kratt, AIFD, and Bill Schaffer, AIFD.

Majestic: The regal and romantic couple will find the Majestic theme, rich in the shades of violet and purple, to be magical and amorous. A polished aesthetic and sheer romantic style that combines the natural brilliance of the luster of gold with orchids, roses and carnations in deep plums, bright violets and lavenders.

Majestic – Photo by IFD

Majestic – Photo by IFD

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Ordinary Blooms, Extraordinary Designs

by Carol Caggiano on November 12, 2014 at 8:41 am

As florists, we often hear from our customers that they prefer more high-end flowers in their bouquets. Carnations, chrysanthemums and gladiolus seem old fashioned in today’s market in favor of peonies, tulips, roses and orchids, which have a greater, perceived value and are more trendy. Yet as often with other materials, how you put them together makes all the difference. Every now and then we have a creative client who wants something special and to create these one-of-a-kind designs, we immediately gravitate toward our traditional favorites.

A young lady made her Bat Mitzvah and in lieu of gifts she requested donations be made to the ASPCA as she loves animals. To decorate the table that was set up for guests to leave their notes, cards and donations, we created the “coolest” dog ever made mostly from white carnations. It was such a nice touch and brought attention to something that was very important and personal to the teenage girl. That puppy was certainly the most popular guest at the event.


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15 Fun Floral Ideas for Ring Bearers

by Sharon McGukin on October 8, 2014 at 11:38 am

Ring BearerThe No. 1 rule when it comes to ring bearers: When attaching a ring to the ring bearer’s pillow, always use fake rings — never the real ones. Many horrified guests have watched helplessly as the bride or groom’s carefully chosen ring has fallen to the floor and rolled down a heat vent. Now that we got that important housekeeping tip out of the way, let’s move on to some ideas for your wedding’s most fun little guy.

Cover a pillow shape

  • Cover a small pillow, like a tooth fairy pillow or one of the small message pillows that can hang on a doorknob, with green moss. Tie a ribbon around it as though you were tying a package with a small bow at the top center. Tie or glue a very small cluster of flowers and faux rings into the bow.
  • Make a small pillow from the same fabric as the bridesmaids’ dresses. Stitch a narrow strip of fabric or ribbon underneath the pillow for the child to insert their hand through to hold it. Monogram the center of the pillow and pin the faux rings there along with a single flower bloom.

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Girls halos- medium-fbA popular tradition for flower girls is to fill a small basket with petals that she can strew down the aisle before the bride. This is a beautiful part of the ceremony for a child old enough to confidently do so. However, if a flower girl is very young, this can be a confusing job and lead to tears or retreat once it’s time to descend the aisle. It can be intimidating for a little one to face all the adult guests watching from their seats. Instead, make the job easier — fill her small basket with flowers and just let her carry it.

  • If your bridal gown is being custom designed, consider using remnants of the gown material to cover a plain basket in layers of elegant material, coordinating the flower girl with the bride. Fill the adorned basket with either petals or flowers.
  • If you were once a flower girl and still have the heirloom basket, recycle it by having your flower girl carry it down the aisle in your wedding with petals or blooms.

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