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Celebrate Valentine’s Weekend

by Shelby Shy on February 7, 2016 at 1:38 pm

Red roses, chrsanthemums, hypericum berries This year Valentine’s Day is on Sunday, but why not make it a full on Valentine’s Weekend!

Whether you plan to celebrate at home, at a hotel, or out at a restaurant, you should always incorporate flowers. A delivery of flowers creates a “wow” factor that is not soon forgotten!

Home sweet home is always a place to celebrate your love.  Express your passion and send her a lovely mix of red and burgundy flowers.  Here is a cluster of burgundy dianthus, red hypericum berries, red roses and seeded eucalyptus.

White roses, hydrangea, calla liliesGet her out and about to a restaurant to make her feel special!  Make her feel one of a kind too by arranging for an elegant bouquet of all white flowers to be delivered to the table (since everyone else will be receiving pink and red flowers). This beautiful bouquet consists of white calla lilies, hydrangeas and roses.

Red rosesIf you’ve reserved a luxurious hotel room, go all out and have long-stemmed roses waiting. The more the merrier. Some lucky lady is receiving this 100-stem rose bouquet!

Whatever your fancy, your florist can help you enhance a romantic weekend with a floral surprise sure to knock her socks off. Plan ahead (translation: Call NOW!) and they will take care of all the details so you can be “Cupid Extraordinaire!”

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CRW_6388What’s your love score?

1-50 Points – You need a little help!  Better add your florist to the speed dial list.

51-65 Points – Warming up but, no prize for you!  Call your florist NOW!

66-80 Points – Getting closer. Call your florist and see what you can squeeze in before it is too late.

81-90 Points – Oh, so close!  Time to sprint to the finish.  One more dash to the florist and you could win!

91-100 Points – You’re Sizzling Hot! And, I bet your florist is ready to help you score again.

The game of life…it’s so competitive!  You’re not supposed to keep score but, we all do. How do you tally the points?  I took out the trash – you fed the dog. (Good – balanced points.)  I did the dishes – you did the laundry.  (Again, balanced and happy peoples.) I made dinner and I vacuumed and I put the kids to bed – what did you do?  (Ouch! Not so balanced.)  I’ll share a little secret. You can make a lot of love points this Valentine’s RosesInWoodenCaseDay with just a little effort. Love points can put you ahead in the game of life. In fact, you could make enough points to win at the game of LOVE!

February 14, 2016 falls on a Sunday and, even better yet, Monday is President’s Day. For many, that means a three-day weekend! What a grand celebration opportunity for Valentine’s Day. Plenty of time to win at the Game of Love. Start making plans now. Friday — Saturday – Sunday – Monday…four days to celebrate and add up those points.  This extended celebration of love does not happen every year. This Valentine’s Day, strive to win with the 100 points of romance.  It’s a fun game to play. Hit all 100 and you win!  Here’s how:

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Superbowl10There are many thoughts that can go through all of our minds when we hear the words “Super Bowl.” Of course, we all know that it is the championship of the NFL, but we also associate Super Bowl with the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. We enjoy the excitement, strategy, skill and luck, thrills and chills.

Beyond the game and whether you’re rooting for the Broncos or the Panthers, there is another aspect to our contemporary enjoyment of the Super Bowl. It is a time to come together. Regardless of our favorite team, we take time from our busy lives to gather with family and friends to enjoy the game (and the commercials!). It is a time for friendship, sociability and camaraderie. It is a national party!

What better way to enhance a party than with flowers? Flowers make people happy (it’s scientifically proven). They increase sociability and are a wonderful complement to any human activity.

Talk to your florist about the best floral art interpretations for your celebration. Ask them to create a football out of flowers (what a conversation piece!), or use novelty containers that can be saved and used over and over again. Read More

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Bud vases can be a wonderful way to add cheer to the home and office. They are an affordable luxury that can make us feel better in the darkest days of winter. We shared some fun ideas in part one of this series.

Here are some additional ideas to make your bud vases exciting and vibrant. Try them yourself or ask your favorite florist.

Experiment with different flowers or greens

Try out new botanicals. Incorporate flowers or foliages that you have never previously brought home. Bud vases enable you to do this at low cost. It gives you a way to see how well you live with these items to decide if these materials will become part of your permanent floral repertoire.

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Winter Blues1—The Rittners School of Floral Design, BostonMany folks get the “winter blues.” The condition is so prevalent that it even has a name: Seasonal Affective Disorder. Researchers argue as to its cause and treatment. Some suggest it has something to do with light. Others argue a genetic predisposition. Flowers have an amazing ability to reduce depression and make people feel happier. Regardless of the cause, it makes sense that a relatively easy and pleasant way to combat the winter blues is to have flowers both at home and at work. But how can you have flowers constantly around you and do it economically? The answer is simple. Bud vase designs. Great for the do-it-yourselfer, or easy to buy completed from your local florist.

You can’t go wrong with the traditional bud vase

The traditional bud vase solution is still quite viable. Take a container and drop in a flower or two. Accompany with a little foliage if you wish. Easy to buy from your local floral outlet. These are very affordable, and quick and easy to maintain. You can buy single flower stems, multiple stems of one item, or little mixed bunches. Keep them at your desk or workstation, as well as on your kitchen counter. Read More